Friday, October 9, 2009

Pineapple Sheera

A typical Maharastrian sweet served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Until I started working in Pune, I did not know that sweet can be had at breakfast time too. Back in the lunch room at our office, the caterer would make pineapple sheera for breakfast. I loved it so much that I would usually skip lunch that day by eating 3-4 rounds of this sweet alone.

Actually, making this at home is pretty simple. No different from the traditional rava kesari excepting for the pineapple part. For the recipe, I followed The blog, however, has been removed recently. For the recipe, I'd say keep the ingredients for rava kesari ready, along with fresh pineapple chunks and a pinch of saffron.

  1. Fry the rava
  2. Boil the pineapple chunks either on stove-top or in microwave. Dont let them get mushy.
  3. Take the leftover water from boiling the pineapple and bring it to a boil on the stove-top.
  4. Add rava while stirring constantly. Cook on low flame, adding more water as required.
  5. Add ghee, and continue stirring until the rava gets cooked. Add required quantity of sugar after this. For a cup rava, I add a cup sugar.
  6. Take the boiled pineapple chunks, cardamom powder, ghee roasted nuts, saffron soaked in milk and ass them all to the kesari.

Few things to note are:
  1. Don't even try to make this with canned pineapple. Its going to suck! I trashed away the entire pot full of kesari I once made with canned pineapple chunks. That was 1/2 hour of effort... Sigh!
  2. Use fresh pineapple that's really sweet. Otherwise, unless you tell people its "Pineapple Kesari", it would easily pass for the plain old rava kesari.
  3. If you take x cups of rava/sooji, take 2x cups of the pineapple chunks.
  4. And finally, the typical kesari tip. Be cautious with the amount of water you add, otherwise it'll turn watery. For fine rava, I use like 2.5-3 cups water for a cup of rava. Cooking with lid on low flame ensures that the rava gets cooked without requiring too much water.



Hey the link to original blog does not work. I used to make it with canned pineapple chunks with rice rava made at home...I used to like it a lot with that chunks of pineapple inside...Been a long time since I tried this :)


@ Swati, kaburulu,

True. I didn't notice the broken link. But like you said, I made it with pineapple chunks and upma ravva.

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