Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About this blog


Looks like the blogging fever is not going to leave me anytime soon. When I first wanted to start a blog, an year ago, I just pushed off an idea of a food blog. Me and food blog - pleaaassseeee.. So, back then, I started to post some piano notations for hindi songs. About 1600 unique visitors have visited that blog in an year's time. Overwhelmed by the response it got, I went on to pursue other ventures online. Sometime in between, while watching a Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas, I got this idea of starting another blog where I get to review stuff. Hmm.. I have to admit, I haven't scribbled much there, so its visitors can hardly be counted on fingers.

Today, while exchanging a couple of emails with a friend who just entered the blogosphere, this idea flashed in my mind. Why not I write a food blog?? My friends from college, and other relatives of mine, if by chance they hear this, I'm sure they'll "Roll on the floor laughing out loud".. Whoa.. That's one long emotion - ROTFLOL!!!

I know, I know, it's funny. Me posting a cookbook online, when I myself cook based on what I see on other blogs. But hey, its not always that I do as directed by other cooks. I have my variations too, which I pen down in my mail drafts along with links to recipes. Decided to make those private "drafts" public "posts". So, here's what you can expect to see at kitchen-clicks. A picture of what I cook, a link to the recipe I followed, and the changes I made. Sounds good?

Going forward, I might start posting some of the recipes I learnt from my mom too. I guess I should start with how to make a glass of Complan. Here's a little background about my culinary skills. Trust me, even at the age of 20, I didn't know how to prepare a cup of milk for myself. My mom was behind my life to teach me cooking during summer holidays, but all I kept telling her was "There's time for everything". "Jab jab jo jo hona hai, Tab tab so so hota hai" is what I firmly believe in. :) The time finally came when I started working in Pune. My roomates in Pune might still remember how excited I used to be, while preparing the simplest of simplest recipes.

Talking about "kitchen-clicks", I'm not just going to upload pictures of my cooking. I might add a newly bought table-cloth (which fedex delivered as I write this), fridge magnets from a sight-seeing trip, anything that deserves a click.

So, have fun! Bon appetite! Let me know when you try out some of the recipes on this site (with my variations).

Finally,, may God bless all the food bloggers who inspired me to cook!


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