Thursday, March 19, 2009

Palak Paneer

Summer is in, and so is my first post. How did I find out its summer? Here's my story. Every day I light diyas using oil when I pray to God. For the last three months or so, each time I reach out for my coconut oil tin, I find the oil has solidified and the tin is hard as rock. I end up microwaving the oil, before lighting the lamps. And today, to my surprise, the oil was shaking in the tin. I was soo excited to welcome summer. Living in "Sun" Diego, I have no right to complain about winters. But, come to think of all those woollens, ahhh.. hate it. Sooo happy that its time for my pretty salwars and sandals again. :)

Before posting here, I just wrote a review about an Internet phone here. If you are an NRI, with parents in India, you might check it out.

Hmm... Palak paneer.. The awesome aroma of the gravy while its cooking, makes me crave for Palak paneer atleast once a week.
"This is how I did it" :)

The recipe is loosely based on Indira's post.

Changes I made were:
1. I fried onions before sauting the Spinach leaves in the same skillet, and blended the onion-chilli-spinach mixture together.
2. Used tomato puree.
3. Added garam masala and some kasuri methi while cooking the gravy, and few drops of lemon juice at the end.
4. No cashews, replaced paneer with Tofu so as to keep a tab on my lbs.

Yet another Image. Added some whipping cream at the end this time.


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