Thursday, March 19, 2009

Double ka meetha

Guests for dinner - what's the dessert? Custard? Carrot halwa? ... ??? nah-nah-nah. I wanted to try something different this time. May be because, I was in this food blogging activity all week. Out of nowhere, I got this idea of making "Double ka meetha". My mom has never made it, I've tasted it just once at a friend's place some two years ago and I don't even remember how it tasted. So, whats it that has driven me into choosing DKM of all other sweets? Guess what? The kitchen-clicks of a blogger. Look at this. This picture didn't just say a thousand words, but also brought a million "waahhh"'s out of my vocal chords. I even sent this link to my mom, asking her why didn't she ever make this sweet? I felt bad thinking, my taste buds had to wait for 25 years to taste this visual delicacy. :)

That said, I went ahead and got the stuff as per the recipe. Since I couldn't find evaporated milk and saffron, I chose to follow Siri's recipe.
No "sontha-talent" (Tenglish word for own talent/ideas) here, as I didn't want to make any mistake and ruin the whole desire of having DKM.

Followed Siri's recipe without missing a word, and this is how it turned out:

Made it, looked yummy, tasted good too. But wasn't as great as expected. That's probably because the bar was set way too high. My guests loved it. So did my husband. All of them are Hyderabadis, so they might have inherited the Nawabi taste buds :). Me, being a Vizagite, I would always choose Rasmalai/Kalakand over this one. Its good, but not great. When I told my Mom that I was disappointed, here's what she said: "I know dear, its not a very delicious sweet. That's why I never made it". What a smart reply, I thought :) Anyways, I'm not going to make it again, unless my husband asks for it.


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