Monday, March 23, 2009

Cream of tomato soup

"Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" on a pleasant Sunday evening over a bowl of tomato soup. Could you ask for more? Me neither.

The first weekend of Spring was a little wintry, and there were lots of ripe tomatoes in my fridge. Question is: what is the best recipe that's quick to prepare while clearing the whole bag of tomatoes so as to make space for other groceries? "Tomato soup" what else?

Both me and my husband are avid soup lovers. Our all-time favourite is the tomato soup served at Panera Bread. That's the tastiest I ever had. I tend to evaluate all other soups, setting Panera as the benchmark. I usually make the Knorr family of soups at home, never tried to make it from scratch. This time, since I had most of the ingredients at home, I wanted to give it a shot. Googled for tomato soup and found it listed in lots n lots of online cookbooks. After searching really hard, I landed up on Sia's website. I did try one of her other recipes too and was satisfied. So, Sia it is! After reading the recipe, I was surprised. Never did I expect onions and carrots in a tomato soup. Anyways, let me try, I thought. I should say, I was shocked after tasting it. The question that came up in my mind was: Is this Panera's secret recipe?? For me, it tasted exactly like Panera. Oh God, I was sooo happy. God bless you, Sia. I'll keep making this again and again and again.

That is the recipe, and this is the picture:

Trust me, I haven't added anything to get the bright orange color.
The only changes were:
  1. No sugar, no butter
  2. Fried a small garlic clove along with the veggies
  3. Added some dried basil & oregano while boiling the pureed mixture
  4. A little cream just before serving
Its quite filling I should say. I never quite understood why soup is called an appetizer. For me, two bowls of soup and that's it, no more room for the main course. Just had salad and soup for dinner and signed off the day with the satisfaction of watching DDLJ over a light and healthy dinner.



:) It never occurred to me to make soup from scratch!!! me will try!


Soup looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing this cool recipe.


@ Revathi,

Sure give it a try, and let me know how you like it.


@ Lakshmi,

Thank you!


Manjusha, I am so glad you enjoyed the soup :)


@ Sia,
This is a very special comment as its coming from the original creator of the recipe. :) On behalf of my visitors, thanks to you!!!

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