Friday, May 29, 2009


Samosa sure qualifies as the most popular and most likeable Indian snack item. Garam garam samosas on a cool wintry afternoon is the best treat you can give yourself. Again, I'm posting this now (after weeks of clicking the pic) since I so much want to eat it right away (its 15degrees where I stay), but laziness is what is holding me back from cooking. Bah! Its too cold outside, who'll go and cook. So, satisfying my appetite by drooling at this picture below:

Now, don't laugh looking at the shape of the samosa :) My Second attempt, I think I did a decent job. 

Recipe is from Sanjay Tumma @ He's right about adding oil while kneading the dough. Samosas were lot crispier than what I made earlier.



Samosa is one of my favorite dishes. Let me try this weekend!!


lady! that was quick.. my posting & your commenting. :)


Looks yummy. I tried the samosa dough with maida and wheat flour mix (equal amounts) and they turned as yummy as store bought.

Ramya Vijaykumar

Hey Manju, you wont believe I made a worst samosa when I made it the first time your looks decent and I do understand the second time it would have turned out to be a gorgeous one!!!


@ Lakshmi,

Thanks for the idea. Shall make them next time using the half-and-half mix.


@ Ramya,

Mine were literally worst the first time. I still remember, the crust was too thick and hard, the inner most layer was dough-y. On the whole - yucky. :)


Another tip to make the crust cripy. After you knead the dough. Put it in the refrigirator for atleast 15 minutes (the more the better). And take it out just a few minutes before rolling....The samosas will be just like store bought


@ Swati,

Thanks. Shall keep your tip in mind the next time I make samosas.

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