Friday, May 1, 2009

Experiments from Lakshmi's Kitchen

Lakshmi is the first "new friend" I made in the USA. A nice girl who's really good at cooking, and the one who kind of got me into food blogging. She blogs at: Lakshmi's Kitchen  

This post is dedicated to Lakshmi. Couple of recipes I tried from her blog would be presented here.

To start with, the mouth-watering Gobi Manchurian

My changes:
Added tomato ketchup along with other sauces

Vegetable Frittata - Not much of an omlette lover, but enjoyed eating this one. May be because of the veggies.

Many more to try....



Looks yum!! Maybe you should try Pakoras next! :)


Yes,, Pakoras & Samosas are next on my list.


Gobi manchurian looks great.U have a nice blog :)


@ Varunavi,
Thanks for your comment. I visited your blogs too. You've got some interesting recipes there, and also your stories abt motherhood.


Thanks Manjusha for keeping an entry about my blog and trying my recipes.

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