Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pav bhaji

I'm going to start my "Street food" series with this. This is a copy-pasted recipe from Nupur's kitchen to mine :)

The shot:

Extremely authentic, Superly delicious!

She is absolutely right about adding onions in the end, and not while cooking. After making in both the styles (fry onion in the beginning, add onions just in the end), I could only wonder how much one small change could alter the taste of the dish. Since I couldn't find pav bread here in San Diego, I ate my bhaji with ghee-roasted white bread slices. :) Wasn't much different from the taste of pav.

Feel like sipping something? Me too :)
How about a glass of Strawberry banana milkshake on the side?



:) Why no pav bread in Indian store in Diego?


@ Revathi,

The Indian stores here either don't sell the pav bread or there's mold growing on the ones they keep. Yuckkk!!

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